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Parents Information



We are open Monday to Friday from 7.30am till 6.30pm for 51 weeks a year. The setting is closed for all bank holidays and a week at the end of the year.

Sessions For Day Care:
  • Early drop off: 7.30am to 8am
  • Full day care: 8am to 6pm
  • AM session: 8am to 1pm
  • PM session: 1pm to 6pm
  • Late pickup: 6pm to 6.30pm
Sessions For Out of School Care:
  • Early drop off: 7.30am to 8am
  • Breakfast Club: 8am to 9.00am
  • After School Club: 3.00pm to 6pm
  • Holiday Club: 8am to 6pm
  • Late pickup: 6pm to 6.30pm

Admission: It’s simple…

If what you have read here appeals to you, contact us, we would love to show you around the setting. We are very happy to answer any and as many questions you may have. We understand sending your child to nursery is an extremely sensitive topic and we are confident that we can work with you to make this a valuable experience for you and your child.

Once you have made a decision to join our setting all you need to do is complete a registration form and we will automatically add your child to our waiting list, they will then get the first available space.

So give us a call, we are always here to help

Healthy Eating

We believe that a balanced diet and exercise is essential to the health and wellbeing of growing children. This is why we give nutrition great importance.

We Provide:

  • healthy snacks and water throughout the day
  • Sit down snack time at 10.30am and 2.30pm
  • Breakfast between 8am and 8.45am
  • Lunch at 11.30am for under 2’s and 12pm for over 2’s
  • A light evening meal at 4pm

Meal times are social times, staff and children sit at the table together and enjoy good conversation, children are encouraged to serve themselves if able to, we help develop good eating habits by encouraging children to try new foods. This is an important activity as it develops language skills, choice, self-reliance and a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle.

Our Chef:

We have a lovely trained chef who prepares all meals on sight with care, cleanliness and precision. Hygiene is given utmost importance, ensuring there is no cross contamination. We use fresh ingredients to prepare delicious meals each and every day.

Dietary and Religious Requirements:

Every child is different and therefore may have different needs. All our staff are confident in caring for children with allergies and intolerances. Our chef will prepare meals specifically to cater for any dietary requirements, whether you require vegetarian, vegan, halal, dairy free, etc.


We operate a four-weekly rotating seasonal menu. Our menus have been designed using the guidance provided by the Caroline Walker Trust for Healthy Eating in the Early Years. We ensure we contribute to the consumption of children’s 5 a day with plenty of fruit and vegetables included in our meals.

Click here to see a sample menu

Safety & Security

For us at Montessori & Me the wellbeing of your child is our first and foremost responsibility. This is why we take every reasonable step to ensure your child is safe while in our care. We commit to giving parents the confidence that their child will be healthy, happy and safe when attending the setting.

We operate:

  • CCTV System – in all indoor and outdoor areas of the setting. Recording 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that is monitored by management throughout the working day.
  • High ratio of qualified staff – to ensure children are supervised at all times, keeping them safe with care and consistency.
  • Video Entry System – enabling staff to see and hear who is at the door ensuring only authorised persons gain entry into the setting.
  • Burglar/Fire Alarm – to further guarantee the safety of all children, parents and staff.
  • Risk Assessments – we have a detailed procedure that risk assesses every area of the setting systematically from the premises right down to the little chairs and tables. Eliminating dangers where appropriate.
  • Fully enclosed grounds.

Policies & Procedures

In order to operate a quality childcare provision, it is important to have working policies and procedures that set out how the setting will operate in each area. We at Montessori & Me promote a transparent approach and work closely with all parents and carers to help us achieve the best standards.

It is important for parents to be familiar with and understand all our policies and procedures, you can find a complete set available in the nursery and we are able to email you a copy if requested. Below is a small list of policies and procedures that you may find useful.

Discalimer – All policies and procedures are reviewed and amended from time to time, the documents below are up to date at the time of publishing. You can find a set of the most recent policies and procedures at the nursery and we would be happy to send you copies also.